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Your go-to SaaS Link Building Expert. Specializing in crafting high-authority contextual backlinks through personalized manual outreach, while also wielding a knack for content planning and marketing.

If you are looking to register sustainable, long-term, and value-driven growth, then Dhruv is your man!

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Dr. Hetal Thakar Bhatt

Deputy Director - Parul University

“Dhruv has been instrumental in training the students enrolled in our Post Graduate Diploma in Digital and Social Media Marketing course. He has a knack for combining theoretical knowledge with practical insights to make learning fun – and this is evident in the way the students are quickly grasping his lectures. On the personal front, we find him to be patient and approachable, which are key qualities we hold dear amongst our educators.”

Anand Umraniya

Co-Founder and Digital Marketing Consultant at

“I found Dhruv hard-working, honest, and dedicated to his work as Sr. Digital Marketer. He performed variety of duties independently, with his teammates in digital marketing, internal/external content writers, and cross-functional team members in technical departments such as UI/UX and Web team. Several digital marketers I’ve worked with, among them Dhruv Mehta is one of the best marketers I could possibly have.”

Youssef Assad

Co-Director – PlayChat

“We hired Dhruv to assist with SEO for our business. He was very proficient in writing relevant articles and keyword research. He is super professional and knowledgeable and we can’t wait to continue working with him.
Anybody looking for an SEO expert who can write super detailed articles. This is your guy! Definitely recommend!”

Serena Santoro

Sales Manager EMEA - Exocad

“As a digital marketing assistant, Dhruv was responsible for enhancing the digital positioning of the EGSolutions corporate website (SEO/SEM activities), lead generation via web and managing content on all the official digital channels. He also proactively managed social media and took care of planning digital marketing campaigns, measuring and reporting on the performance of all digital marketing activities – with very good results.”

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